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Original Mixed Media Painting


This mixed media painting is made of polymers, acrylics, & oils on a 30 ” X 40” gallery wrap canvas with a 1.5" profile. The solid Asian Striped Ebony hardwood framework is hand finished with linseed oil & spar varnish,

Brushed metal reproductions available.

Hanging, Lighting & Care of This Painting

Tax, shipping & handling are additional

Please Contact Me If You Would Like To Make An Offer OnThis Piece. A Certificate Of Authenticity Is Provided With All Paintings. Professinal & multiple purchase discounts are available.




Take a closer look at my work and enjoy the originality and unique style I've employed, using a formula to walk each piece through design, texture, color and framework. Ther is no one on the planet that is doing anything even remotely like my art. If you see somethoing similar then they have copied me.


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