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Winning an award is always a thrill. This year I received a nomiatitation form the advertising industries most prestigious ADDY award, for the 2012 Art A Fair Summer Festival ad campaign. Also as part of a group effort the John Wayne Airport "Destinitation Art & Culture" exhibit won for best in it's catorgory form the Laguna Beach Art Stars.


I am pleased to announce that the work I produced for the Art A Fair 2012 Festival won an award for excellence from the advertising industries most prestegious competition. I am honored to receive this recognition from my peers.

On behalf of the Art A Fair and with the Festival of Arts, Pageant of the Masters, Sawdust Art Festival and Laguna Beach Museum & Playhouse I was part of creating a massive display at the John Wayne Airport. The group effort was nominated and won for best collaboration from the Art Stars Awards of Laguna Beach California..


NThe exhibit ran from mid June to mid September 2012. It included 11 display cases, each 7 ft tall, 12 ft. wide and 12 inches deep.

I was shopping at the market when a neighbor called me and suggest I oome to a pet shop not far away as there were to absolutel beautiful Golden Retievers there and that I should check them out. It had been almost 3 years sinse I lost Wesley my golden of 11.5 years and missed the wonderful companionship of a dogt..


So there she was, with her sister and they were both so cuite but Shelby the one I chose seemed more high spirited and came to me with more entheusieum and we connected. I broght Shellyb home a couple of days later. I feel like I won a prizet.


Advertising campaing for the Art A Fair 2012 Fesival wins ADDY award and in 2013 airport exhibit wins Art Stars award for collerbation.


  • John Wayne Airport exhibit wins Art Stars award, 2013
  • Ad Campaign for the Art A Fair 2012 Festival wins ADDY Award.
  • Exhibor at the Art A Fair in Laguna Beach summer festival, 2011
  • Nominated to Art A Fair Asst. Marketing director for 2012 season
  • Represent AAF at the LBaa foundation, 2010
  • AAF marketing commettee for 2011 season
  • Persion art festival exhibit, 2010
  • Juried tinto the Laguna Art Group, 2010
  • Listed in the World Wide Art book, fall edition 2010
  • Exhibitor at the Art A Fair summer festival, 2010
  • Featured in Hayden's digital magazine, sprint, 2009
  • Director at large with the Orange County Fine Arts Assoc, 2009
  • Exhibit at Signature Gallery Laguna Beach, 2009
  • Whittier Law School exhibit, Costa Mesa, 2009
  • Infusion Gallery Los Angeles exhibit 2008
  • Resident artist at Artist Eye Laguna Gallery, 2008
  • World Art Gallery exhibit 2008 - 2009

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Carole and went to the Laguna Beach Art Stars Awards banquet this year, great event. We were there in 2012 where I was on the commettee and presenter of an award.

Carole & Duncan

April 2012







Wesley came into my life when he was just 12 weeks old. He was the most loveable little Golden Retriever, who licked and wagged his tail into my heart. Our bond was cemented instantly. Always there for me, always a friend and so beautiful, inside and out. He made the hard times bearable and the good times even better. All who met him were touched by his gentile, friendly manner and enthusiasm. My dearest friend of 11 years passed away at 11:45 am on May 20, 2010 of Cancer. He was a wonderful and pure spirit. I will miss him all the days of my life.



January 12, 1999

May 20, 2010


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This last year was a banner year for me with regards to recognition. Winning an ADDY for the worik I produced for the Art A Fair 2012 Festival and an extensive exhibit for the John Wayne Airport, "Desitnation Art & Culture" group effort, of which I was a part. I also just brought a new member to my small family, Shelby, an 8 week old Golden Retreiver.


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